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Bugfixes and improvements

Installation and upgrading

To initiate a new Studio without installing the CLI globally:

npx create-sanity@latest

To upgrade a v3 Studio:

npm install sanity@latest

๐Ÿ› Notable bugfixes

  • General search performance improvements on larger studios (containing thousands of fields)
  • Desk Structure is now able to auto-generate IDs from non-ascii source values (for instance cyrillic characters)
  • Allows fractional section of a number to have leading zeros (thanks @pauloborges!)
  • Fixes studio authentication when using a custom API hostname
  • Makes schemas in Shopify online storefront template compatible with GraphQL deployments
  • Fixes an issue of document type icons not showing up in array fields
  • Fixes a bug where opening a reference field dropdown would not trigger a defined filtering function
  • Restores functionality of the "Open in new tab" function for arrays of references
  • Fixes issue where clicking a document reference while still loading would result in an invalid link and cause the studio to crash
  • Fixes several issues that might occur when dealing with duplicate document IDs across workspaces
  • Fixes an issue that might cause the studio to crash when trying to view history in a dataset copied with the --skip-history flag

Published March 08, 2023