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Patch release - Several bugfixes

  • Fixes an issue that caused the GraphQL schema deployment to either be slow or hang on schemas with many references
  • Fixes an error where the image and file inputs might throw an error about unsetting deep values on a primitive value
  • Fixes glitches in logo animation when the studio is loading
  • Fixes an issue where the desk tool would in certain cases give an error message saying Unknown document type *
  • Fixes an issue where document list items inside of non-document lists would be rendered with “Untitled” as the title, instead of the full document preview
  • Fixes an issue where the schema error summary would not be displayed because the studio would crash before being able to display it
  • Fixes a regression that caused the withDocument higher-order component to get stuck on an initial null value
  • Fixes an error where the client would fail to set up a listener when sending huge queries, without giving a developer-friendly error message

Published October 14, 2021