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Improvements and bugfixes

Installation and upgrading

To initiate a new Studio without installing the CLI globally:

npx create-sanity@latest

To upgrade a v3 Studio:

npm install sanity@latest

โœจ Highlights

Improved global create menu

The global create menu has been updated with alphabetically sorted options and a search field, providing a more convenient way to find a desired document. The menu has also been redesigned to appear in a popover instead of a full screen dialog for improved UX and less context switching.

๐Ÿ› Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a recent regression in the Portable Text Editor where pasting content into an empty editor would cause an error
  • Fixes content overflow bug for query results in Vision and adds scroll bars to the result pane
  • Fixes issue where focus was not being returned to the editor after changing the style of a Portable Text block
  • Improves performance and issues related to validation in the Portable Text Editor

Published March 28, 2023