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Sanity Studio v3

This is the release of the stable, production-ready version the new major version (v3) of Sanity Studio. It deprecates Studio v2 and earlier versions. Studio v3 brings new features for content creators and developers, as well as a completely rewritten studio customization framework.

High-level improvements

  • The Parts system is deprecated and replaced with a new studio customization framework
  • Custom webpack tooling is replaced with Vite
  • Sanity Studio now ships as a single npm dependency (sanity) with JavaScript-based configuration (sanity.config.js|ts / sanity.cli.js|ts)
  • The Studio module also has full ECMAScript Modules (ESM) support and CommonJS fallback and can be run in all modern browsers without bundling and embedded in any web project
  • Full TypeScript coverage with annotated APIs (@internal, @beta, @public), new helper functions (defineType,defineField), and emerging inline documentation with TS Doc
  • Better abstractions for wrapping and composing Studio and Form Components with renderDefault(props) and other convenience functions.
  • New Plugins API with plugin development tooling (plugin-kit) that makes it easier to build, maintain, and publish plugins on npm
  • New Studio v3 templates that let you get up and running with best practices

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Published January 11, 2023