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styled-component as first-level dependency

styled-component as a first-level dependency

We've been hard at work migrating the internals of Sanity Studio from CSS modules Sanity UI, which is based on styled-components.

Over the past releases, we've seen a few reported issues where multiple versions of the styled-components dependency could end up in the same studio, causing issues that were hard to understand (sanity is undefined) and would require a full dependency tree reinstall to resolve (rm -rf node_modules && sanity install).

In this version, we're introducing styled-components as a first-level dependency in the studio, in the same way that react and react-dom is.

The first time you run sanity start, sanity build or sanity upgrade after the upgrade, you will be asked to install the dependency - and in non-interactive it will install automatically.

This migration should be seamless for most studios. We anticipate that in certain cases (custom monorepo setups, for instance) it might require manual changes, like adding styled-components as a dependency of the studio.

For a more in-depth look at the rationale behind this change, see the pull request for this change.

Specify API version for CLI query command

The sanity documents query CLI command now has a new flag: --api-version.

This is useful for testing how queries behave in different API versions. For now, the command will still use v1 as the default.

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a rare case where an error could be thrown during the React render lifecycle without being an Error instance, which would crash the error boundary

Published September 13, 2021