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GraphQL Generation 2 schema

Deploying generation 1

In order to use the old beta version of the GraphQL API, you can specify it when running the GraphQL command from the CLI. We call these older versions generations. The beta generation is named gen1, and the current generation is named gen2.

To deploy the old generation (beta), you can use the --generation flag in the CLI like this:

sanity graphql deploy --generation gen1

Breaking changes between gen1 and gen2

The second generation of the GraphQL API has more features, and does not pluralize the top-level collection types:

  • Generation 1: post, allPosts
  • Generation 2: post, allPost

The CLI will warn you if there are breaking changes to the schema you deploy and show you where they are. The breaking changes prompt can be disabled by running the deploy command with the --force flag.

Documentation affected by this release

Published August 12, 2021