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Sanity Studio Updates: New CLI Command, Improved Copy-Paste Experience, UI/UX Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

Installation and upgrading

To initiate a new Studio without installing the CLI globally:

npm create sanity@latest

To upgrade Sanity Studio, run this command in its folder:

npm install sanity@latest

✨ Highlights

Beta: Check the validation status of all documents with the CLI

The new sanity documents validate command is now available! It runs all documents in a dataset against your project's schema in the terminal. It uses a mocked browser environment to validate all documents locally, perfect for ensuring data integrity.

Note: This feature is currently in beta, so it might not run correctly for all projects. We encourage users to report any issues encountered to help us improve it.

Improved copy-paste experience from Google Docs and Notion

The Studio now preserves formatting more reliably when content is pasted from Google Docs in Safari, and no longer incorrectly applies underline decorators to pasted links. Additionally, the Studio now preserves formatting more reliably when content is copied from a single block in Notion.

User interface and experience updates

  • Root page link: The workspace icon now consistently serves as a direct link to the 'root' page (the first configured tool), streamlining navigation.
  • Improved Workspace Switcher: A new tooltip feature has been added to the workspace switcher for better clarity.
  • Simplified Tool Menu: The tool menu will now be hidden when only one tool is installed, reducing clutter.
  • Layout stability: We've resolved an issue with long workspace titles disrupting the navbar layout. Titles now truncate with ellipses to maintain a clean appearance.
  • Localized tooltip text: The 'open menu' button tooltip text has been localized and is now more accessible on smaller screens.
  • Intuitive icons: The help and resources button now features the correct icon, making it more intuitive and consistent with previous versions.
  • PTE improvements: Ensures that clicking to edit in presentation mode correctly focuses the relevant block, improving the editing workflow.

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a bug where logging out didn't invalidate the cookieless auth token.
  • Fixes an issue in the Portable Text Editor where the 'Empty' placeholder placement was off.
  • Fixes an issue where array item focus rings were cropped, ensuring they're now displayed in full.
  • Fixes a bug where the workspace switcher tooltip wasn't displaying correctly.

Documentation affected by this release

Published January 16, 2024