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Fixes for the pane and intent resolver

This release includes a new implementation of our pane and intent resolver that resolves intents deeper in your structure and provides more consistency with getDefaultDocumentNode. The Studio will now do a better job at opening a document within a structure instead of opening it on the root level outside of its usual context.

  • Fixes an issue where creating a new document would open in the fallback editor instead of as a child to the current pane.
  • Fixes an issue where opening a search item from the top search would result in the fallback editor instead of user-defined structure.
  • Fixes inconsistencies with getDefaultDocumentNode where configured views would not appear in the fallback editor.

Other fixes

  • Fixes an issue with GraphQL deploy causing "Error: Cannot find module '@sanity/core/_internal'
  • Support for GROQ query params in patch and delete methods in the client (#1826). Thanks, @KarlGe!

Documentation affected by this release

Published November 09, 2021