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Fixes a bug where if a space was configured as the default but not the first in the spaces array, the initial studio load would redirect to the correct URL but not configure the client to use the correct dataset.

  • Fixes an edge case for user-defined components. All user-defined components are re-rendered on navigation regardless if the structure child is a function or not.
  • Fixes an issue where user-defined components would not be hidden when pane was collapsed.
  • Fixes sluggish UI in the image select dialog when the list contained large GIFs.
  • Fixes image select dialog scrolling to top when loading a new page.
  • Fixes an issue where deploying a GraphQL API might crash if schema-imported component tries to access localStorage.
  • Fixes an issue where switching betweeen two "singletons" (document list items) without a defined schema type might result in the incorrect schema type being used.
  • Fixes a styling issue in the @sanity/vision autocomplete styling.
  • Fixes an earlier regression that caused the withDocument higher-order component to pass on the edited document before it was fully loaded.
  • Fixes a bug where removing an annotation in the beginning of a Portable Text block would accidentally mutate trailing annotations inside that same block.

Published October 19, 2021