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Improved studio authentication and bugfixes

Upgrade the Command Line Interface (CLI) with:

npm install --global @sanity/cli

Upgrade Sanity Studio with:

sanity upgrade

โœจ Highlights

  • Adds a check for superfluous image metadata properties being specified
  • The studio now supports authentication for browsers that block third-party cookies

๐Ÿ› Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a bug where document lists would not always show items in the correct order until scrolling down and back up again
  • Fixes a bug where the studio could crash if a user had insufficient permissions to fetch user profiles while collaborating with others
  • Fixes a number of issues with the sanity upgrade command when using --tag or --range
  • Upgraded @sanity/base to use react-refractor version 2.1.6 (thanks @JamesSingleton!)
  • Upgraded @sanity/base to use refractor version 3.6.0 (thanks @miketheman!)

Published March 08, 2022