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Improved image fields

The image fields has seen a number of bugfixes and now properly display presence and change indicators, including for hotspot/crop fields and other image fields that opens in dialogs.

Sanity UI powered reference input

The default reference input in Sanity Studio has been refactored to use the Autocomplete component from Sanity UI which improves overall accessibility and fixes keyboard navigation bugs.

Other features

  • The language filter can now be configured with an array of document types to control which schemas the filter will appear on (thanks @spacedawwg!).

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes false positive with image fields in dialogs, indicating that there’s a change when there is none
  • The code input now wraps text inside the input so that all the code is visible without having to scroll horizontally (thanks @katherinepeterson!)

Published April 28, 2021