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A high-level overview of the Sanity data store

The Sanity data store is where your content is stored and queried. It runs in the cloud, and is fully managed by Sanity. Being a distributed system, running across multiple physical locations, it is fault-tolerant and reliable, and scales effortlessly. All data is continuously backed up, both on- and off-site, and is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

You access the data store via the Sanity API, either by using one of our client libraries or directly via HTTP. A Sanity project can have any number of datasets, where content is stored and transmitted as JSON documents, optionally subject to a specified schema. Documents can be created or modified through Sanity Studio, by submitting mutations to the API, or by importing local JSON files.

Once in the data store, your content can be accessed from any kind of frontend (e.g. a website) through our API. This is done using our GROQ query language. To ensure the very best performance and experience, you may want to send queries through our global API CDN, which automatically caches query results near your end-users.

Frontends can also be notified whenever content is changed. We provide both realtime listeners, where clients listen for updates in realtime through a persistent connection, and webhooks where we submit the changes as HTTP requests to a URL of your choice.

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