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Nikita Kakuev

Software Developer 💻 Front-end • Python 🐍 • Serverless ⚡ • JAMStack • ☁️ AWS, GCP

Nikita is located at London 🇬🇧
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Guess I am a fast developing full-stack developer :-)

Amrita is located at Bengaluru
Amrita is available for work
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Corey Ward

Consultant, Senior Web Developer @ Figma

Corey is located at Austin, Texas, US
Corey Ward is available for work
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Dan Gentile

Front-End Developer and UI Designer - Sanity Noob

Dan is located at Portland OR
Dan Gentile is available for work
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Dan Visel

Designer/developer interested in reading, publishing & digital humanities

Dan is located at Singapore
Dan Visel is available for work
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David Eglin

Technology director @ Active Matter.

David is located at Birmingham, UK
David Eglin is available for work
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Edward Danilyuk

I help startup marketing teams with strategy, design and development.

Edward is located at Currently: Salt Lake City, Utah
Edward Danilyuk is available for work
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Eric Howey

Mental health therapist full time and front-end web developer, in my spare time. He/Him.

Eric is located at Canada
Eric Howey is available for work
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Francisco Vieira

CTO @ Mosca Digital, a creative digital agency in love with Sanity

Francisco is located at Lisbon, Portugal
Francisco Vieira is available for work
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Graham Orrell

Founder & CEO, NorthLink Digital (

Graham is located at London & Tees Valley
Graham Orrell is available for work
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Henrique Doro consultant with a focus on fast & sustainable websites

Henrique is located at Brazil
Henrique Doro is available for work
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Jacob Størdahl

JAMstack + serverless developer // javascript // all in on @sveltejs // 🏳️‍🌈 // any pronouns // prolly listening to a podcast

Jacob is located at Minneapolis, USA
Jacob Størdahl is available for work
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Jamie Bradley

I help companies migrate to Jamstack with Sanity 🎉

Jamie is located at United Kingdom, Middlesbrough
Jamie Bradley is available for work
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Jesper Egelund

Knows a little about everything. Now trying to structure it ;-)

Jesper is located at Hong Kong
Jesper Egelund is available for work
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Joe Race

Full-Stack Developer passionate about building websites and applications that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives

Joe is located at UK
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John Schmidt

I usually have no idea what I'm doing until it works.

John is located at Hamburg
John Schmidt is available for work
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Ken Jones Pizza

Designer who spends most of his time coding

Ken is located at USA (but accepting applications)
Ken Jones Pizza is available for work
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Kevin Green

Technical Consultant and Internet Craftsman

Kevin is located at United States
Kevin Green is available for work
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Full Stack Web Developer located in Jackson, MS, USA. Using Sanity for personal and side projects.

MCKing3397 is located at Jackson, MS, USA
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Patrick Johnson

Engineer with 10+ years experience. Currently the founder of Progress Labs, an e-commerce studio helping brands build, launch and maintain DTC products.

Patrick Johnson is available for work
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Rafal Cichon

Front-end web developer at Inventive Software LLC

Rafal is located at Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, United States
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Ronald Aveling

Communication Designer. Structured content rocks my world.

Ronald is located at Tasmania, Australia
Ronald Aveling is available for work
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Ryan Murray | 3200.PRO

15+ Yr Freelance: Website Developer, Designer, and Online Consultant

Ryan is located at Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ryan Murray | 3200.PRO is available for work
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Simeon Griggs

Full stack developer | Amateur cyclist | 🇦🇺 in 🇬🇧 | Head of development at Under2

Simeon is located at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Simeon Griggs is available for work
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Simon Rogers

Graphic Designer and Developer

Simon is located at London, United Kingdom
Simon Rogers is available for work
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Taylor Abernethy-Newman

Head of Technology of Flight Digital In Auckland New Zealand

Taylor is located at Auckland, New Zealand
Taylor Abernethy-Newman is available for work
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